The Catalyst recently partnered with a well-known Automobile Major to run a workshop on Cascading and Reinforcing the Values of the Organisation among a group of Millennials, as part of their Management Trainee Induction Program.

The Objective:
Today, an organisation’s culture is an outward representation of its defined values. The client in their brief to the Catalyst was very clear that they not only wanted their new employees to understand and demonstrate these values in their workplace but the essence of the session was to cascade and reinforce the Organisation’s values among a group of Millennials using several experiential and engaging formats.  They did not want the first session ie Value Session of the Induction Program to be yet another run of the mill session, as has been the case in previous Induction programs.

Diagnostic conducted: 
The Catalyst conducted numerous stakeholder calls and meetings with the L&D team of the organization to understand, in great detail, the program flow, program need and the role of various speakers that were part of the Induction Program which enabled The Catalyst to design a tailor-made and impactful program for all the participants.

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