Colourful, intellectually stimulating and close to life board games are a popular format of serious learning for a broad range of learner groups. Board game design includes various game elements such as

  • Multi-player complex scenarios
  • Rewards, points and badges
  • Competitive ranking and leaderboard
  • Risk elements through chance cards
  • Close to life simulations

We are partnered with Paradigm Learning, USA to offer their board game solutions in India. Apart from this, we have our own off-the-shelf board games.


Maximize is a 2-hour board game which enables managers to practice collaboration in a competitive set-up. While competing for essential resources in a high-pressure environment, participants get to practice essential elements related to communicating with purpose, building trust and collaborating across silos to achieve a common goal. With a strong debrief discussion after the game, Maximize is ideal for a half day session. It can also be integrated into longer formats of training.

The First Quarter

The First Quarter simulates the first 12 weeks in the life of a new manager. Participants encounter a range of situations covering all aspects of their role as a manager and based on their decisions, earn points on the customer, people or business metrics. Chance cards, trophies and a real-time leaderboard bring in an element of peer learning and competition. This game is ideal as an anchor for a first-time managers program. The game time is 1 hour and an additional hour for discussion and de-brief.


Rapid is an engaging and true to life game on managing and leading change. Over a duration of 2 hours, participants respond to various change situations, which are structural, people, process or cultural. Planning, implementing and tracking their change management plans leads to them earning or losing points in this fast-paced, dynamic game. This game is ideal for integrating into a day-long program on change management.

Client need Game format Learning outcomes Target audience Duration Ideal Batch size Infra- Required
1 Leading and Managing Change Board Game- Rapid Approach Change stragically,execute change strategies, buikding trust & empathy, using influencing strategies Mid Managers preparing for the next role 2.5hrs 15-20 Indoor
2 Collaboration Board Game- Maximise Collaboration in a competitive world, building trust, communication, seeing the big picture Mid Managers preparing for the next role 2.5hrs 15-20 Indoor
3 First Time Manager program Board Game- The First Quarter Leadership essentials, Leading levers of customer, people and business, balancing priorities as a manager, decision making New managers 2.5hrs 15-20 Indoor
4 Building trust and leading stakeholders, Negotiating effectively Board game – Farming for growth Leading stakeholders, aligning expectations, proactiviely displaying trust behaviours, Managing conflicts and disagreements, Negotiating with confidence Middle/ senior managers 4 hrs 15-20 Indoor
5 Leadership Board Game -Impact 5 (Paradigm Learning) Taking charge of growth, Balancing priorities of department alongwith organization, Taking appropriate risk, Developing talent, Model personal effectiveness Senior managers/ leaders Full day 10-15 Indoor
6 Business Acumen and Stategic Decision Making Board Game – Zodiak (Paradigm Learning) Financial literacy – understanding common P&L and BS terms, Business Literacy – Understanding the story behind the numbers, Making strategic decisions base don long term considerations Senior managers/ leaders Full day 10-15 Indoor

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