Card games are ideal for participants looking to engage in a collaborative, exploration led game format. Cards have visual as well as text-based elements and act as triggers to engage participants in deeperĀ discussion on specific learning outcomes. Participants are allowed to exchange cards, discard cards and pick up new ones till they think they have arrived at an ideal set. They then map these cards on to a framework and see how balanced their approach has been.

At present Catalyst has a set of value cards and competency cards which are used to help leaders arrive at a value framework for their organization.

Client need Game format Learning outcomes Target audience Duration Ideal Batch size Infra- Required
1 Aligning organizational values Card game – Value Architect Zeroing in on your personal value system, Aligning and uncovering organizational values given the business and environmental needs Senior managers/ leaders Half day 10-15 Indoor
2 Emotional Intelligence Picture cards, Awareness cards Understand various elements of EI, Techniques for building more self awareness, self regulations, empathy and better conenct with others Middle managers Full day 15-20 Indoor
3 Business story telling Card game, story cubes The power of stories, Use stories to effectively convery messages that sustain, Different types of stories and eliciting them from our lives, Using a powerful story arc Middle managers Fulll day 15-20 Indoor
4 Overcoming unconscious bias Fluency Cards Understanding the nature of bias and its ubiquity, Identifying sources of and types of bias, Using the ladder of inference to oversome bias Senior managers/ leaders 15-20 Indoor

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