Our theme based workshops are completely custom created based on the needs of the client. These high energy, high involvement workshops use elements of role play, games and discussions to take participants through a carefully curated learning journey. Some of our popular themes include the following:

  • Treasure Hunt – For teamwork and communication
  • Master Chef – For planning, organizing and time management
  • Who wants to be a millionaire? – For critical thinking and problem solving
  • Journey through the magical world – For creativity and innovation
  • Building your empire – For selling and negotiation skill
Client need Game format Learning outcomes Target audience Duration Ideal Batch size Infra- Required
1 Interpersonal skills Theme based – Treasure Hunt Collaborative problem solving , Identifying and removing barriers to team work, building synergy in teams Middle managers Full day 15-20 Indoor/Outdoor
2 Time Management Theme based – Master Chef Time Management, planning & prioritization, result orientation, managing ambiguity Middle managers Full day 15-20 Indoor/Outdoor
3 Creative Thinking / Innovation thinking Theme based – Zoop – transport system Creative problem solving, Thinking ahead and planning for uncertainties, Practical innovation, Measuring success Middle managers Full day 15-20 Indoor/Outdoor
4 Selling and negotiation Role play based – Magistar’s magical needs Understanding client needs, creating customised positioning stategies, Negotiating and lcosing a deal Middle managers Full day 15-20 Indoor/Outdoor
5 Critical thinking and Problem Solving Theme based – Finding M – Murder Mystery Digging the right information, Uncovering root causes, Asking the right questions, Not getting lost in data Middle managers Half day 15-20 Indoor

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