Visual map based workshops are fully customized learning sessions where participants are empowered to create their own Learning maps using a simple framework. We supplement these discovery sessions with contextually rich visuals which help participants express their ideas visually as well as textually, thus engaging the whole brain. Key knowledge and critical messages are transferred with clarity.’Visual map’ are colourful table-sized “maps” that serve as the centrepiece of a learning experience. These maps can help co-create and reinforce messages related to:

  • New product launches
  • Internal processes
  • Employee on-boarding
  • Business model
  • Organization vision and values
  • They can complement or energize an existing training curriculum or serve as key tools at corporate events, including sales meetings, all-employee retreats, and client meetings.
Workshop Game format Learning outcomes Target audience Duration Ideal Batch size Infra- Required
1 Business model Generation Learning Maps Reconstruct business model, identify risks and opportunities, inter-relationships between various parts of the model, create scenarios for growth and innovation Senior leaders 3-4 hours 10-15 Indoor
2 Customer Empathy Map Learning Maps Construct an empathy map for various customer segments, create consumer insights, build them into product and market strategies Marketing managers 2-3 hours 10-15 Indoor
3 Customer journey Map Learning Maps Building customer advocacy, Create consumer insight to increase conversion and reduce customer acquisition cost Middle managers Full day 15-20 Indoor
4 Process Mapping (E.g. Hiring process, induction process, sales process etc.) Learning Maps Map any process using cue cards to understand its strengths and loopholes, identify risks and ways to mitigate against them Middle managers Half day 15-20 Indoor

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