Check Your Time Managament Style:

Fireman Style:

Do you feel you have no time for yourself and others because you have a Fireman style of time management.

This style means that you may be constantly struggling for time to finish things you really want. Every event could appear like a crisis. You may find it difficult to prioritize adequately which means deciding and narrowing on a task that really needs your attention because everything you do or are asked to do seems urgent and important resulting in you either extending yourself to complete things or else tasks may just keep piling.

Over Committer:

Do you feel drained out and wonder why you are so burdened because you have an Over- Committer  style of time management .  

This style means that you feel obligated to help others and take up tasks that need to be done, even if your tasks are yet to be finished. You definitely find it difficult to say “NO” to anybody especially when you know you have the knowledge and the ability or when you know goals need to be achieved. You may sometimes even volunteer proactively, all you need is to be asked. The overuse of this style could result in poor quality of results as tasks may not get the attention it needs or may stay half done due to lack of time. 


Do you feel people are always complaining about the reminders you need for tasks because you have a Procrastinator Style of time management.

This style means that you may be delaying doing things when you have the time, it could be for anything not necessarily tasks that you find difficult or may dislike doing. You could be wrongly prioritizing and falling in a trap where your assessment of the importance of the task or the time it may take to do it, is inaccurate, hence resulting in stress of completing things at the last minute when there is no time or focus on quality or accuracy. 

Time waster:

Do you wonder why people blame you for delays because you have a Time- Waster Style of time management.

This style means that you are a social person and you love to speak and interact with others . Every interaction is a long drawn conversation which takes time. You definitely prefer to “talk” than “do” resulting in you loosing track of time and tasks not getting done when they are supposed to. You could be finding it difficult to avoid distractions and not get into conversations, discussions, queries when you are working, lending your ear and two cents becomes very important even at the cost of tasks piling up. 


Do you think why tasks take longer with you than with others because you have a Perfectionist Style of time management.

This style means that you are a stickler for perfection and are super diligent with things. Exactitude is your watchword. You strongly believe that a rushed job cannot  be a good job hence finishing tasks to satisfaction is a problem hence the time required to deliver quality consistently may delay the delivery on the whole . You could be finding delegating task  to others very difficult hence starting a vicious cycle of delays and stress.

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