Psychometrics are an integral part of people transformation initiatives. I myself have gone through a host of psychometric profiling instruments, each of which have been insightful in their own way. However, I do feel that a lot of them have quite a few gaps – while some tend to box people with jargon and numbers, others tend to be either too simplistic or too complex to interpret. 

Lumina Spark is a fresh breath of energy in every sense. I stumbled upon the tool a couple of months back and was instantly hooked. As I delved deeper into the tool and explored it in detail, I started aligning with it even more for many reasons

  1. No forced choice answers – Unlike a lot of other tools, Lumina does not look at humans as either-or but embraces the paradoxes that make us human. For example, introversion is measured using a separate scale and so is extraversion, allowing us to be both introverted and extraverted. It is these nuances and contradictions that make us human and Lumina allowed me to embrace it. 
  2. Many layers of depth – It was wonderful unpeeling my own report at various levels, first at the level of the four colours using the colour splash, then the 8 aspects and finally the 24 qualities alongwith their associated paradoxes. In that sense, the tool allowed me to seep in slowly into a deeper awareness of my own selfs.
  3. Measuring different personas – None of us are just one person. As Jung famously said, our shadows are a living part of our personality which cannot be argued out of existence or rationalised into harmlessness. Lumina Spark throws valuable insight into three personas we carry – our everyday persona, our underlying persona and our over-extended persona, thus creating deep insights and an integrated view.
  4. Highly customizable – As a practitioner, a customizable tool is of immense value. I can choose how I want to use the tool, at various times with various people – for coaching or for facilitation. Just the right amount of depth and detailing can lead to some valuable discussions which are focused and aligned to a goal.
  5. It stays with you – The Lumina splash with its vibrant colours, the experience of the tool using floor maps and cards, the element of play as one immerses oneself into a discovery of self, ensures that the insights stick. The easy to use and always accessible app is another element that makes the tool practical and ready to use.

Even though I have just embarked on the Lumina journey, I can already see so many possible ways I can apply the tool – in individual coaching sessions or group coaching sessions or even in facilitation programs. I really am looking forward to playing around with it. 

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