One of Catalyst’s regular client, a major IT firm specializing in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Tools based in the NCR reached out to us in 2019 for designing and launching a learning series spanning a period of 6 months for their employees.

They needed  a series of bite sized modules of not more than 3-4 hours to be delivered monthly to promote learning, engagement and skill building among their employees. We built the program design around 3 pillars of development focussing on self, people and business/organization.

We covered around 14 topics in all. The modules were created under each of the development pillars as following :

  • Self-Development – sessions included learning to manage self and time, building ownership & accountability, creating a personal brand and building executive presence, being assertive and empathetic at the workplace.
  • Team Development – sessions included learning to collaborate, work together in teams, build trust with others, interpersonal communication, influencing and building and leveraging relationships with others, managing conflicts, art of delegation and feedback.
  • Business/Organization Development – sessions included learning how to manage change, deal with ambiguity, business acumen, decision making and creative thinking

The Catalyst ensured that the modules were designed and delivered in an engaging way, using multitude of games and activities delivered by 6 of our expert trainers to keep the employee interest alive and kicking in the sessions. We used 3 board games, 2 MTA games, 1 card game and 1 map based game respectively across the whole spectrum of modules delivered. Since this was a self-nomination based program, the fact that we ran the program to full capacity for every module covering approximately 180 participants in total, is a testimony in itself regarding the huge success of this initiative.

The Catalyst was deeply involved in enabling the client in launching the program journey and branding it. The program was called “ Striving For Excellence Program” ( STEP) and we helped brand and create a buzz around the initiative in the internal organization extensively. We designed attractive emails with program highlights outlining key learning outcomes and methodology, which went out each month. The sessions themselves were followed up by post program mailers and recap quizzes capturing key learnings in an interesting manner to help participants keep what they learnt alive in their minds for a longer time.

The Catalyst got such a good response for this program that it is being relaunched again in a new avatar this year and we are extremely proud and excited about continuing the success journey of creating sustainable impact with our esteemed client.

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