IKIGAI – Finding The Purpose For Learning

Three unrelated instances led me to write this piece. A couple of months ago browsing through the wellness section of the Sunday Times, I came across the word IKIGAI which is an old Japanese concept espousing the art of living life. Around the same time, while working...

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Decoding Millennials and their Learning Needs!

Ritu is a 25-year-old who has just started working with Bizcom Solutions.  Her typical day involves some smart work during office hours, connecting with friends on WhatsApp, updating her Instagram stories about the café she visited over the weekend,...

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Rethinking Strength-Based Development

Strength-based development has been the dominant leadership development paradigm for a long time now. Its appeal is definitely powerful – I remember the time I took the Gallup Strengthfinder test and was mesmerized by its appeal and optimism. To be fair, I...

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Learning maps-that appeal to the whole brain!

Let’s play a small word association game. You will read a word or a phrase on the screen, close your eyes after reading it and visualize it, like actually visualize it. Ready? Here goes… ‘Business Model’ What did you visualize? Excel sheets with innumerable boxes,...

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Using Thinking styles to Build Effective Teams

Belbin’s team roles is a very popular framework for getting a diverse and synchronised approach to team formation, the entire approach of segregating team roles into Thinking, action and people oriented roles is holistic and helps get a perspective on whether a leader...

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