L&D Revolution – 2010 vs 2020

Over the last couple of months I’ve been reading and exploring a series of meetings and interview excerpts conducted with L&D heads, talent management leaders, and vendors of next generation learning tools of various organizations. My goal is quite simple: try to decipher the new corporate learning landscape, which we can now term as “Digital Learning.” In this post I would like to share few key insights about how the world of corporate learning has changed and evolved over the last decade or so.

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Overcoming Unconscious Biases– Consciously!

The topic sounds like an oxymoron, isn’t it? After all, how can we overcome something which is unconscious, which we don’t even know exists? The truth is that we all use stereotypes, assumptions and unconscious biases without even knowing it! Psychologists have...

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Biases Impact Business

Most of us believe we are rational and ethical. At the workplace, we believe we’re good decision makers, capable of objectively deciding about a job candidate or employee’s performance, and reaching a rational and fair conclusion about any particular business problem...

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Lessons on Developing Leaders from Gopichand

P V Sindhu is undoubtedly one of the best athletes in India today. And there is so much we can learn about determination and perseverance from her. But let's turn the lens on a largely camera shy but very effective and influential person in Indian sports today - her...

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Lumina Spark – Fresh, Unique, Practical

Psychometrics are an integral part of people transformation initiatives. I myself have gone through a host of psychometric profiling instruments, each of which have been insightful in their own way. However, I do feel that a lot of them have quite a few...

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Coaching – Evaluate Well To Reap Its Benefits

Coaching is becoming an oft-used and oft-abused word! Coaches seem to be mushrooming in every nook and corner with umpteen certification programmes springing up everywhere. No one can deny the power of coaching as a tool – the power to empower as well as...

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IKIGAI – Finding The Purpose For Learning

Three unrelated instances led me to write this piece. A couple of months ago browsing through the wellness section of the Sunday Times, I came across the word IKIGAI which is an old Japanese concept espousing the art of living life. Around the same time, while working...

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Decoding Millennials and their Learning Needs!

Ritu is a 25-year-old who has just started working with Bizcom Solutions.  Her typical day involves some smart work during office hours, connecting with friends on WhatsApp, updating her Instagram stories about the café she visited over the weekend,...

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