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Catalyst is proud to participate as Knowledge partners in various L&D forums including the 3rd and 4th L&D leadership summit done in Delhi and Mumbai and the People Matters L&D conference conducted in Mumbai. These events not only help us showcase our innovative solutions, but also bring us closer to new trends in L&D and client needs which make our products sharper.

Tactile games in action

Tactile games, ideal for kinesthetic and visual learners, engage participants in games which allow for various skills to be developed including team work, problem solving, decision making, communication, leadership, business acumen and concern for quality. These games, developed in partnership with MTa Learning, UK, are flexible, immersive and engage the whole brain. The debrief (both individual and team) creates powerful insights which are transferred to the workplace.

Board games in action

Board games are ideal for cerebral and visual learners who love to strategize and explore new outcomes. Our board games are developed in-house and have complex scenarios played out using game cards, chips, chance cards, rule sheets and a score board. Board games as usually used to anchor a session and open it up for various skills such as leadership, leading change, collaboration, negotiation and building trust.

Card games in action

Card games and simple, quick and efficient and help introduce new concepts in sessions. Card games come in various formats such as value cards, fluency cards, question cards and trading cards. Each type serves a different purpose and can be flexibly integrated into various types of learning sessions.

Map based games

Maps are excellent learning tools for visual learners as they help map even complex concepts visually and logically and thus engage the whole brain. Coupled with customized trigger cards and information cards, they lead to some very powerful insight generation on concepts such as business models, process mapping, customer behaviors and marketing plans. Map based games beautifully allow for self paced discovery of new learnings.

Theme based games

Theme based games use popular themes such as Treasure Hunt, Master Chef, Solve the Murder Mystery, Kaun Banega Crorepati etc to create high energy learning environments which get leveraged for creating focused learning outcomes. Ideally suited for themes such as teamwork, collaboration, time management and problem-solving, these games are widely used as part of induction training or larger programs.

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