Learning Journeys


What is a Learning Journey?

Typically, learning within an organization may be structured around a series of learning moments such as classroom-based training, 360-feedback, peer learning sessions, e-learning courses etc. However, these moments, however powerful, will fizzle away unless supported with many other elements. Much like I will forget how to play the guitar if I attended only 1 class and never got to practice it later.

We at Catalyst, help organizations join together learning moments into a coherent journey for participants to truly experience transformation.

A learning journey enables participants to put new skills or behaviours into practice, experience workplace impact and thus build confidence and has a deeper level of transformation.

Learning journeys are highly customised and experiences are usually structured around key themes and hypotheses impacting the future of the business.

Why deploy a Journey:

In a Journey, each participant’s progress is tracked continuously through a series of reinforcements. This format of learning fosters a high level of participant engagement, reflection and discussions which helps translate their learnings to real work-life situations.

Moreover, since a learning journey is spread over a longer time period and offers opportunities for deeper observations and assessment of participant progress, it enables learning partners to impact and deliver results at all four levels of Kirkpatrick model of training evaluation. This is unlike a one or two day workshop which mostly only lead to achieving either Level 1 ( reaction) or Level 2 ( Learning) of evaluation.

Highlights of Journey

  • Journeys are designed to enable continuous on-Job applications and internalisation
  • Journeys are designed to make the experience relevant and personal to each participant
  • Through a series of post-workshop reinforcements, an organisation is able to track the needle of progression of its employee
  • Individual Feedbacks and Action Plans help convert skills/traits acquired/developed during a program into a habit.

Duration of a Journey:

Can be spread over a period as short as three months to a year.

Elements of a Journey:

The three main building blocks of a Journey include:

A sample of a Learning Journey

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