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Measuring Effectiveness – Team/ Supervisor

Everything that can be measured, can be improved. Catalyst has well researched tools on measuring performance effectiveness of Teams and Managers which provide powerful insights into various factors which prevent them from performing to their best.

  • Team Effectiveness Assessment Model - Organizations need teams to work and deliver results. It is imperative for them to understand what drives team effectiveness and measure the same to enhance team performance. We provide a structured tool to measure team effectiveness at current levels and adopt methodology to develop and enhance the same for the future.
  • Managers Effectiveness Assessment Model – A manager is not only responsible for his own job but is instrumental in driving performance from his team. A manager needs to perform various tasks and play various roles. The tool provides insights into various aspects of a manager's role and how effectively he is performing in each of these aspects of the role with a structured path for development.
  • Employee Engagement Assessment Model – Employee Engagement at workplace is of immense importance considering its impact on employee performance and organization effectiveness. Our unique employee engagement model provides an insight into factors affecting employee engagement and measures current level of engagement with actionables for the future.