Tactile Learning Kit Based Games

Tactile Learning kits which consist of ropes, cylinders, pipes, construction sets etc help us engage participants in high impact games that cater to all kinds of learning styles. Our structured learning debriefs after the completion of the game allows learners to...

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Board Games

Colourful, intellectually stimulating and close to life board games are a popular format of serious learning for a broad range of learner groups. Board game design includes various game elements such as Multi-player complex scenarios Rewards, points and badges...

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Card Games

Card games are ideal for participants looking to engage in a collaborative, exploration led game format. Cards have visual as well as text-based elements and act as triggers to engage participants in deeperĀ discussion on specific learning outcomes. Participants are...

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Visual Map Based Games

Visual map based workshops are fully customized learning sessions where participants are empowered to create their own Learning maps using a simple framework. We supplement these discovery sessions with contextually rich visuals which help participants express their...

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Theme based workshops

Our theme based workshops are completely custom created based on the needs of the client. These high energy, high involvement workshops use elements of role play, games and discussions to take participants through a carefully curated learning journey. Some of our...

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Other Workshops

We also offer other experiential solutions on a wide range of learning outcomes through classroom led programs. These programs are created in an interactive and facilitative way to ensure maximum impact and retention. We deliver these workshops across different levels...

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