Why trust Catalyst?

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Why trust Catalyst?

The following certifications help us position ourselves as experiential learning format experts

  • Certification in Instructional Design and Facilitation by Vyaktitva
  • Certification in discovery-based learning design and facilitation by Paradigm Learning LLC, USA
  • Certification in experiential learning design and facilitation by MTa Learning System, UK
  • Undergoing certification in game design principles by Michigan State University
  • Certified in game-based learning design by ID Mentors, India

    Why us?


    There is ample evidence to prove that immersive, engaging formats such as simulations make learning more sticky. Catalyst leverages on this by using powerful close-to-work simulations to make the learning experience come alive. Further, personalised and meaningful learning journeys which include elements of Coaching etc, SME connect calls, meaningful learning content shared at regular intervals, immerse the learner completely in the learning process. As part of the learning design, we also leverage on-job learning opportunities through Action Learning Projects, Peer Learning Sessions etc.

    How Game-Based Learning Works?

    Our games are carefully curated keeping four broad principles in mind which make them truly immersive and impactful.

    Firstly, they are close to real life. The storyline of the game is rich with constraints and opportunities which the participant must be facing in real life.

    Secondly, these simulations are like a real game. The participant is playing the game in the first person mode; the progress of the game is based on the action taken by the individual, and this affects the outcome dynamically.

    Thirdly, these simulations involve real-time decision making. During the simulation, a participant is expected to display his skill or knowledge by taking a decision at various points in time. His expertise is judged by the repercussions of the decision. Making the participant take real-life decisions in a safe learning environment immediately drives the learning into the participant’s mind.

    Finally, these simulations cause tangible behavioural change. Participants internalize learnings by applying them immediately and the resulting behavioural changes are effectively retained as they are a part of an experience – not a course!

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