Learning maps-that appeal to the whole brain!

Let’s play a small word association game. You will read a word or a phrase on the screen, close your eyes after reading it and visualize it, like actually visualize it. Ready? Here goes… ‘Business Model’ What did you visualize? Excel sheets with innumerable boxes,...

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Using Thinking styles to Build Effective Teams

Belbin’s team roles is a very popular framework for getting a diverse and synchronised approach to team formation, the entire approach of segregating team roles into Thinking, action and people oriented roles is holistic and helps get a perspective on whether a leader...

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The Woman-force at Catalyst!

The Catalyst is a team of only women, not by design, but by chance. I have really introspected about whether there is a preference that I operate with, whether there is a subconscious bias I have for working with women. But no, time and again, I have found that I am equally comfortable working with men as well as women.

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Mastering what matters – Delegation Part 2

This is a second blog in the delegation series. In the last blog, I spoke about the barriers to delegation and overcoming them. Here, I speak about preparing to delegate. Delegation requires preparation and lack of preparation can lead to failed delegated assignments...

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Mastering what matters – Delegation part 1

Inspite of continuous effort and training, delegation remains one of the most challenging aspects of leadership. Over the course of conversations with several leaders, I have realised that there are two main issues with delegation 1. The issue of will - Several...

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Experiential learning- Highly abused word in training

All of us as L&D professionals have been exposed to a host of so-called experiential learning programs. Unfortunately, however, most of them are junk - they just add a layer of gamification to a traditional program and claim to be highly engaging. What would truly...

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The Story of Mr.P and Mr.G

Let me introduce you to the two main characters of my blog story today. Person 1: He is called Mr P He usually does his tasks right (at least he tries his best), has an outlook of performance, limits uncertainties by making the right choices, carefully selects new...

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Mastering what matters – Delegation Part 3

This blog is in continuation of my previous blogs on delegation. I have already discussed mental barriers to delegation and how to burst them. I have also discussed the steps to preparing for delegation. In this blog, I will write about how to delegate and monitor...

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Action learning projects versus everyday learning

We've often heard trainers say "Lets end the training program with an action learning project to ensure application of learnings on the field." I've done it too. But let's ask ourselves this question frankly how effective are ALPs? Infact, the more pertinent question...

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Execution excellence in a VUCA world

A couple of days back, I was in a business meeting with a prospective client who spoke to me about the huge need in her organization for execution excellence training. The organization had been facing a recent execution crisis - it used to be considered the leader in...

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